With Würth Haus Berlin, the Würth Group has established its own base in the German capital. Here it can maintain close contact with the German Federal gouvernment, with trade associationes and unions, with international embassies and with cultural institutions. In short, Würth Haus Berlin cultivates an open dialogue with all of the groups and institutions that help to shape society.

Würth Haus Berlin reaches out to the worlds of politics and business, as well as to society as a whole. Schwanenwerder provides a forum for debates and discussion groups, a platform for conferences and receptions and a stage for culural events. To a certain extent, the facilities can also be made available for similar events organised by third parties.

In Berlin since 2003 and in Brussels since 2005. Würth attaches a great deal of importance to critical dialogue with social groups and institutions. Würth Haus Berlin and Würth Office Brussels have established themselves as key dialogue forums for German and international politics. They focus, in particular, on matters related to business foreign trade policy as part of the EU's trade regulation. Listening and understanding, but also articulating and commenting - this is how Würth believes debate should take place with business and industry, at discussion rounds, conferences and receptions. Both representative offices also offer a platform for cultural events in order to transport our understanding of commmitment in a hands-on manner. Our aim is to be open so that others can be open with us.

Front side of Würth Haus Berlin.

Gallery Exterior view

The beautiful spiral staircase in the foyer of Würth Haus Berlin.

Gallery foyer

Conference seating in the hall of Würth Haus Berlin.

Gallery hall